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Purity : 100% Natural
Business Type : Manufacturer,Exporter&Supplier
Packaging : Retail & Bulk
Usage : Pooja, Samagiri, Yoga, Meditation, Rituals & Temple Events.
Appearance : Powder


It is named Vibhuti since it endows one with prosperity, because it burns away all sins. Bhasitam - 'brightened' because it increases one's Divine splendour, Ksharam - 'destruction' since it removes danger and Raksha - 'protector' for it is an armour against the machinations of evil forces. This is how the Vibhuti is praised in the Brihad Jabala Upanishad, one of the ancient Vedic texts. Vibhuti is a word that is generally used to denote the sacred ash which Sanadana Dharma Followers (Bagwan Mahadev”s devotees) apply primarily to their forehead. Now we have developed a new aromatic powder for those who practice daily pooja, yoga, meditation, rituals and prayer. It is formed as the residue of sandalwood, camphor and natural floral extracts. The word 'vibhuti' have several meanings and symbolisms at several levels. The foremost among these is the truth that ash is the ultimate destination of everything worldly and material. The scent of vibhuti on the body is a strong reminder to man that the world is transient and temporary, and so, he must spend his time and life in pursuits that befit the human birth.

And this is the pursuit of the ultimate treasure/wealth - one's true identity; the answer to the question, "Who am I?" The word 'vibhuti' also denotes this very pursuit. In the Devas language, Sanskrit, bhuti refers to aishwaryam (wealth or treasure). Vibhuti refers to something that is valuable beyond imagination. The greatest and most valuable treasure is 'that seeking which one need not seek ever again' or 'that knowing which one knows everything'. And THAT is the reason why it is often said that one who wears Scent of Vibhuti need not wear anything else. This divine, natural, long lasting aroma gives complete protection against negative elements and works as perfect medicine to keep skin from any kind of iteching or irritation or body odor. Enable us to understand the divine power within us so called Brahmam.


• Cleanses the body’s cellular memory of negative thoughts and emotions
• Reduces stress and restlessness
• Promotes mental focus
• Supports and opening divine thoughts
• Encourages feelings of rest and tranquility
• Make us understand oneness with divine power
• Helps the wandering mind to concentrate during mindfulness practices
• Has soothing and calming effects on the body and mind
• Helps to ground the Brahmam within us
• Inspires calmness and quietude of the mind to support concentration
• Encourages the body and mind to wind down after a demanding day with full of hectic schedule
• Reduces anxiety, exhaustion, and feelings of aggression, depression, fear, and insecurity
• Spurs positive, creative energy and removes complete tiredness
• Stimulates determination to practice divine way of life regularly
• Centers the mind and body
• Strengthens mental clarity, mindfulness, as well as a sense of contentment and serenity.


Packaging : POWDER:12gm x 12pcs,100GM, 250GM, 500GM, 1KG.
Delivery : Within 1 week from order and payment receipt
Country of Origin : Made in Bharat
Purity : 100% Divine Natural
Usage : For External Use only (for skin and below neck)
PAYMENT TERMS : 100% TT in Advance
Shelf Life : 12Months