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Purity : 100% Natural
Business Type : Manufacturer,Exporter&Supplier
Packaging : Retail & Bulk
Usage : Pooja, Samagiri, Yoga, Meditation, Rituals & Temple Events.
Appearance : Solid Perfume


We make finest quality Aromatic Solid perfume and oil made from natural floral extracts, herbs and sandalwood oil. The Flower and its aroma ingredients play an important role in the daily pooja, hawan samagiri, yoga, meditation since Vedic period. All our aromatic products are made as per agamas and is used ancient temples for using it on idols for daily pooja that is more than 5000 years old. According to gurunathar Agathiar every flower has it own aroma and characteristics, medicinal properties when offered to god will generate positive vibration by spreading its aroma in the air. When we inhale such natural fragrance all our neves will get activated through positive vibration in the body. The divine flowers having sacred aroma remains in the Moolasthanam where god is placed for many hours due to its divine nature.. There are many divine flower used in making solid perfume said to be the favourite flower of Goddess Mahalakshmi, Mahavishnu, Maheshwar, Skanda, Kala Bhairav, Brahma, etc. There is no Veda or Sastra (scripture) superior to devotion.

Bagwan is immanent in the world. So, treat the world lovingly, as you will treat your Master. Divine love encompasses all sacred acts. The fragrance of flower is very much associated with divine love, peace, bliss hence used in daily pooja, temple rituals in Vedic Dharma. In Sanadana Dharma the Natural Sugandham (Aroma) plays a very important part in all types of daily pooja in home as well as in temple rituals. Wherever natural fragrance moves around in the air, it shows the divine presence in one or other way. Hence using the floral extract in rituals and daily life makes one to feel the divine presence that connects with Parabrahmam. The divine aroma enable us to fell the positive vibration and feel the power of divine love, bliss.. The aroma of all solid perfume is natural, long lasting and vibrant. When applied on skin during meditation, yoga or prayer we can feel the divine presence from within that connect the brahman with parabrahmam. This product is free from alcohol, chemical or preservatives. With the blessing of Siddha Masters of the Universe we gift this divine aromatic product to all those who are associated with Divine way of Life.


• The Natural solid perfume gives a sense of divine feeling, bliss, love, peace of mind and positive energy because of its divine quality, natural ingredients.
• Helps the wandering mind to concentrate during mindfulness practices.
• Has soothing and calming effects on the body and mind.
• Addresses symptoms of insomnia, restlessness and sleeping disorder.
• Helps to ground the brahmam within us.
• Inspires calmness and quietude of the mind to support concentration.
• Encourages the body and mind to wind down after a demanding day with full of hectic schedule.
• Reduces anxiety, exhaustion, and feelings of aggression, depression, fear, and insecurity.
• will make us feel the divine presence within and around us.
• This oil is very effective in cleaning the chakras.


Types : Flora, Woody, Musky, Spicy, Herbs and Fruity.
Packaging : Solid perfume : 30gm /60gm/100gm
Delivery : Within 1 week from order and payment receipt
Country of Origin : Made in Bharat
Purity : 100% Natural ingredients
Usage : For External Use only ( Below Neck)
PAYMENT TERMS : 100% TT in Advance
Shelf Life : 12Months from Date of Manufacture